5 Ways to Save Living Costs Abroad

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Saving finances while studying or residing abroad poses a significant challenge for many. While some are supported by scholarships and jobs, financial management remains crucial to ensure living expenses are sufficient for daily needs, especially in high-cost cities and countries like Melbourne or London. 

Therefore, here we will share 5 tips to save living costs while studying or living abroad. By applying these tips, you don't need to worry about running out of money.

Tips to Save Living Costs When Abroad

1. Find Affordable Accommodation

When planning to live abroad, one crucial consideration is accommodation. To save money while staying or living abroad, look for affordable accommodation. 

You can use websites to compare prices or booking apps to find the best deals for both apartments and houses. Consider cities with lower living costs, such as on the outskirts of a country's capital, as the choice of living area can impact your expenses.

2. Hunt for Free Wifi

Cost Internet costs abroad can also add to your living expenses. To minimize these costs, look for free wifi in public places like cafes, restaurants, or shopping centers.

3. Cook Your Own Meals

Eating out can be one of the largest expenses when deciding to live abroad. To save on your food expenses, consider cooking your own meals and buy groceries from local markets or supermarkets to cook according to your preferences.

4. Use Student Discounts

If you're a student, take advantage of special discounts offered at various places. Bring your student card or proof of student status when traveling, and check if tourist attractions, public transportation, or shops offer discounts for students. This can minimize your expenses while living abroad.

5. Shop Second-Hand Items (Thrifting)

Buying second-hand items or second hand can be a cost-effective way to get quality goods at lower prices. When you need something like clothing, electronic equipment, or other items, look for thrift stores as you can buy items at much cheaper prices.

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The above are 5 tips you can follow to save living costs abroad. In addition to implementing the tips above, it is also necessary to make other efforts, such as when you want to send money abroad.

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