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See the rated, fee, and delivery speed up front, Received your money in full amount and has a license from Bank Indonesia.


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Local Currency


Send money abroad and receive money in local currency to 10 countries and 170 other countries safely, easily and quickly with Easylink transfer services.



USD Global


Effortlessly send funds to USD currency bank accounts in over 170 countries with our comprehensive international money transfer feature.


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How to Register for Easylink Personal

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Easylink FAQ

Easylink is a fund transfer platform that has a license from Bank Indonesia.

Easylink provides money transfer services to more than 170 countries and 12 foreign currencies.

The following is a list of currencies and destination countries available on Easylink:

  1. USD Global (170+ countries)
  2. SEPA (Euro)
  3. China (Yuan)
  4. India (Rupee)
  5. South Korea (Won)
  6. Japan (Yen)
  7. Philipine (Peso)
  8. Malaysia (Ringgit)
  9. United Kingdom (GBP)
  10. Singapore (SGD)
  11. HongKong (HKD)
  12. Thailand (Baht)

Sending money abroad via Easylink 100% Online! Starting from registration, account verification, and sending money can all be done from your current seat.

For transactions that have been carried out, sorry cannot be canceled.
Please ensure that all information on sending funds to the destination country is correct.

Currently Easylink cannot serve inward transactions. (From abroad to Indonesia). Follow Easylink's official social media accounts, to find out about the latest upcoming features.

The transfer limit or maximum can vary depending on the country you are going to. Please check the following page for more information.

Stay cool. Easylink representative agents are ready to help you. Please send an email to info@easylink.id or contact Easylink Official Whatsapp at number 0811-8881-3889.

With Easylink, you will be able to track transactions easily. When the transaction is complete, the money will go to the recipient's bank and you will also get an email containing a successful transaction notification.

Sorry, Easylink personal is not yet able to provide funds transfer services to business accounts located overseas.
To send funds abroad, you can use Easylink For Business


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