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Fast & Online

Send money from our website anytime anywhere, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.


170+ Countries Available

With a vast network spanning across more than 170 countries, we ensures seamless and efficient money transfers on a global scale


Save More

We provide budget-friendly rates & fees for you to send money abroad.


Easy & Transparent

With our user-friendly interface, no more complexity when it comes to financial transactions. See the rated, fee, and delivery speed up front, received your money in full amount.


Money Back Guaranted

100% Refund

*based on cased


Reliable CS Team

Support by our CS team


Track Transaction

Easily monitor and stay informed about your transactions with our convenient Track Transaction feature, providing you with real-time updates on the status of your money transfers.

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Transfer Process within minutes

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Flat transfer fees

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Competitive exchange rates

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Advance Security System

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Transfer to Business Account

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Special Dealing Rate

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Dedicated Account Manager

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Automatic Reconcile

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Cross-Border Payment to more than 170+ countries worldwide


Local Currency

Kirim dan terima uang dalam mata uang lokal ke 10 negara dengan mudah, terjangkau, dan aman. (Banyak lagi negara yang akan datang)

usd global bisnis

USD Global

Effortlessly send funds to USD currency bank accounts in over 170 countries with our comprehensive international money transfer feature.

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170+ Negara Lainnya


Why Do They Use Easylink?

Daftar dan kirim uang ke luar negeri untuk kebutuhan bisnis dengan Easylink for Business

Say goodbye to complicated payment processes and high transaction fees with our streamlined and affordable service.

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