Solusi Kirim Uang ke Lebih Dari 170+ Negara


How to Send Money Abroad


1. Login with your account.

Visit the Easylink page, then click on Login and enter your email/phone number along with your password.


2. Choose the Destination Currency

After logging in, click "Send Money" on the left side of the screen, then select your target currency.


3. Specify the Amount and Complete the Transfer

Enter the amount you want to send, then click ''Transfer Now''.


4. Enter Recipient Details

Click ''Add Recipient'' and complete the recipient's information if it's not already available.


5. Confirm Recipient Information

Double-check the recipient's fund details you've entered.


6. Select Payment Method

Choose your preferred payment method, then click ''Continue''.


7. Complete the Payment

Please make the payment as per the specified timeframe.


8. Done!

You have successfully sent money using Easylink 🚀.


Why Use Easylink for Sending Money Abroad


The Key to International Money Transfers

Fast, Secure, Hassle-Free. Send money abroad with ease, only at Easylink. Enjoy a different experience, send money now!


With Just 5 Documents

Easylink makes international money transfers quick and convenient. Sending money abroad is now easier than ever.


Simplifying Money Transfers

Affordable fees with no additional charges, ensuring that the money you send is received in full. Let's send money with Easylink—easy, fast, and hassle-free!


Choose Your Payment Method!

Easylink has it all! Virtual Account, E-Wallet, or Bank Transfer, according to your preference. Easy, fast, and undoubtedly hassle-free!


In Just Minutes!

With Easylink, with just one click, the money will reach your destination country in minutes! Now, sending money has become easier, faster, and hassle-free.




"We needed a fast and secure way to send money overseas, and Easylink delivered exactly that. Their user-friendly online platform made the whole process seamless and hassle-free. Plus, their competitive exchange rates saved us money compared to other options. Choosing Easylink as our cross-border payment solution was definitely the right decision for our business."


"Easylink has been a game-changer for me. Their user-friendly platform, transparent fees, and exceptional customer service make sending money to other country effortless. I trust them completely with my transfers. Highly recommended!"


"Easylink is my go-to choice for remittance services. Their intuitive platform, transparent pricing, and excellent customer support have exceeded my expectations. I've had seamless experiences sending money overseas, and I highly recommend Easylink for fast, reliable, and hassle-free transfers."

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Easylink FAQ

Easylink is an international money transfer platform that provides efficient and secure solutions for sending money abroad.

Select the recipient, enter the desired amount, and follow our simple guide to safely, quickly, and easily complete the money transfer process.

Sending money abroad is the process of transferring funds from one country to an account or financial institution in another country, for your needs such as shopping, paying tuition, and other purposes.

Currently, Easylink supports international money transfers to countries including Singapore, Malaysia, China, India, the Philippines, Thailand, South Korea, Japan, the United Kingdom, and 170+ other countries.

Yes, security is our priority. Easylink is licensed and supervised by Bank Indonesia and PSE.

For the minimum transaction amounts vary by currency. Philippines PHP 50, China CNY 10, Hong Kong HKD 50, United States USD 10, Japan JPY 150, India INR 500, United Kingdom GBP 2, Euro EUR 10, Malaysia MYR 30, South Korea KRW 10000, Singapore SGD 1, Thailand THB 50, Hong Kong China CNH 50.

And the maximum transaction nominal is Thailand THB 45000, Philippines PHP 49000, Hong Kong China CNH <, Singapore SGD 190.000, South Korea KRW 4.900.000, Malaysia MYR 69.000, Euro EUR <, United Kingdom GBP 99.000, India INR 4.900.000, Japan JPY 29.000.000, United States USD <, Hong Kong HKD 900.000, China CNY 50.000.

Transfer times vary but generally range from a few hours to one business day.

We ensure total transparency in fees. Fee information will be clearly displayed before confirming the transfer.

Yes, Easylink's tracking feature allows you to monitor the real-time status of your money transfer.

Associated fees are clearly displayed before confirming the transfer. No hidden fees.

Simple registration with personal information and a bank account is all that's required to start using Easylink.

The documents required for international money transfers include:

  1. Invoice
  2. Agreement
  3. Contract
  4. Bill of lending
  5. Shipping Manifest

Contact our 24/7 customer service for assistance with any problems or questions.

For international money transfers, you need a Swift code or BIC number. A Swift code is a format used to identify banking and securities institutions located in a specific country or branch. To obtain the SWIFT code, confirm with the receiving bank.