8 Easy Ways to Transfer Money Abroad

cara transfer uang ke luar negeri dengan mudah

It cannot be denied that increasingly advanced technology in this era of globalization demands how we can expand our business wings in other countries and demands to understand how to transfer money overseas.

Meanwhile, we know that the money exchange rate in our country and other countries is different. Sending money abroad is also not just about business, but rather like sending money to relatives who are far abroad, sometimes you need a service to transfer money abroad, you can use Easylink for Business.

The following is an explanation of how to send money abroad with various methods.

How to Transfer Money Abroad

While you can choose from several banks and remittance companies to complete your foreign exchange transfer, you should also consider the following:

  • Cost
  • Quantity limitations
  • Timing
  • Money goals
  • Country

These various considerations are indeed one of the basics for you to think about how to send money abroad in the right way.

Of course, you can't just transfer the money you have to an account number abroad. Various banks in Indonesia are actually capable of doing this.

However, the method used to send money abroad will be different from how to send money to an account in Indonesia.

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Transfer Money Overseas Via Bank Transfer

First, we will discuss the most common ones first. Namely transferring money abroad via bank transfer. In the banking world, this is called a foreign exchange transfer.

Forex is an abbreviation of "foreign exchange" which refers to currency used in other countries apart from domestic currency.

In the context of international finance and trade, foreign exchange refers to the currency used in buying and selling transactions between countries.

Below are several banks in Indonesia that can send foreign currency in different ways.


Before making a transfer, make sure the destination account is registered with the KlikBCA service. Here are the steps:

  1. Login to your KlikBCA account.
  2. Select the "Fund Transfer" menu.
  3. Select the “Register Destination Account” menu and select the “Forex to Another Bank Account” option.
  4. Fill in the account data you want to register.
  5. Enter KeyBCA Appli 2 Response and click “Continue”.
  6. Double-check the account information you want to register.
  7. Click "Send" after ensuring the account data is correct.
  8. The account for transferring foreign currency to another bank account has been successfully registered.

Currently, transfers from KlikBCA can be used for 14 foreign currencies with good exchange rates and competitive fees.


Then there is BNI which can also transfer money abroad using BNI Mobile Banking and also BNI Direct. However, what is shorter and faster is to use BNI Mobile Banking, here is how:

  1. Open the BNI Mobile Banking application and log in to your account.
  2. Select the "Transfer" menu.
  3. Select the "International Remittance" menu.
  4. After reading the terms and conditions, click “Continue”.
  5. Select the account number that will be used as the debit account.
  6. Select the “New Input” option.
  7. Select the transfer destination country.
  8. Select the transfer destination bank.
  9. Enter the destination account number or IBAN.
  10. Enter the recipient's full name and address.
  11. If you want to save the recipient's account number to the Favorites List, check the "Save to Favorites List" option and provide a short name.
  12. Enter the nominal currency you want to transfer (in USD, Euro, SGD, AUD).
  13. Select Correspondent Bank fees.
  14. Select the transaction destination (e.g. payment, remittance).
  15. Enter the validation page.
  16. Enter your transaction password.
  17. Click “Continue” and your transaction is complete.

For BNI itself, there are provision and OBK fees for each currency via OTR Mobile Banking.

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What about BRI? With its flagship application, namely BRImo, this can be done on the condition that you register a foreign exchange account using the BRImo application, namely by opening a new Britama Valas savings account.

If so, you can transfer money abroad using BRI bank in the following way:

  1. You can open the BRImo application that you have installed on your smartphone.
  2. Next, please log in to your account using the correct password.
  3. Select the International Transfer option in the features menu.
  4. Next, select the destination country for your transfer.
  5. After that, enter the amount of money you want to transfer. After the amount of money is entered, it will automatically be converted into the currency of the destination country.
  6. You will receive detailed information about the transactions you are making. If the data displayed is correct, click the OK button.
  7. Finally, enter your BRImo PIN.
  8. Your transaction will be completed immediately.


It is still the same as the various banks mentioned above, for all foreign exchange transactions there will definitely be a transfer fee charged. Likewise with Mandiri which uses the Livin' by Mandiri mobile application.

To transfer money abroad using the Livin' by Mandiri application, here is how:

  1. Select the Forex Transfer option in the main menu.
  2. After that, click “I Agree” to continue.
  3. Enter the amount of money you want to transfer, then select "Continue".
  4. Fill in complete transfer recipient data and click "Continue".
  5. After that, confirm the transaction data and click the "Transfer" button.
  6. Enter your Livin' PIN.
  7. The foreign exchange transfer request was successfully sent. To view the transaction status, please click "Check Transfer Status".
  8. You can check the transaction status periodically via the "Message" menu.
  9. The recipient's account will be automatically saved in the Transfer List.


BJB Remittance is a service provided to BJB customers to be able to send money abroad in an easy and fast way. You can make this transfer by visiting the nearest BJB bank.

What is certain is that this service from BJB can provide foreign currency transfers in 130 currencies depending on your needs.

Apart from that, BJB also provides BJB Quickcash with the best service. So, there are additional fees that will be charged. However, this money transfer will be done at the same time.

Send Money Overseas Via Paypal

PayPal is one of the popular service providers for overseas money transfers. Through this company, users can have virtual accounts that allow them to hold balances, send, and receive funds from other PayPal users.

By using this application, users can send money to recipients abroad provided that the recipient also has a PayPal account. Here are the steps to send money abroad via PayPal:

  1. Open the PayPal application and log in to your account.
  2. Click the “Send Money” option located at the top of the page.
  3. Enter the recipient's name and the amount of money to be sent, then click "Continue".
  4. Enter the recipient's name and the amount of money to be sent, then click "Continue".

Transfer Money Overseas Via Easylink

Do you need a way to transfer money abroad quickly, easily, safely and at competitive fees? Easylink is the answer to all of that.

For business purposes, this startup, which was only founded in 2021, can make it easy for you to make foreign exchange transfers or remitansi yang bisa diakses dengan situs web atau mobile browser di easylink.id.

Easylink has implemented a strategy to build a dual security system in accordance with Bank Indonesia (BI) regulatory standards. By complying with the operational license from BI, Easylink's systems and servers have been prepared to handle millions of transactions every month.


Easylink Features

The best remittance service is at Easylink. This is proven by the many features that you can enjoy, including:

  • Transfer money abroad in IDR currency.
  • Serves delivery in 10 countries (Thailand, Japan, Malaysia, China, Hong Kong, Filipina, Singapore, United Kingdom, Korea selatan and India).
  • Also serves money transfers in USD in more than 170 countries.
  • Change the rate every 3 hours (9-12-15).
  • The best remittance service for B2B and C2C.
  • There are no provision fees.
  • Fast, online, easy and safe (because it has permission from Bank Indonesia).
  • Admin flat for now at Rp. 50,000,-
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