6 Ways to Transfer Money From Abroad to Indonesia

cara cepat kirim uang dari luar negeri ke indonesia

Sending money abroad used to be complicated, but now there are many low-cost and efficient ways to make international transfers.

You no longer need to send money through the post office in a brown envelope. While that method still works, it's not the most effective way.

Some businesses or individuals will usually use the easiest method. Today, we will learn about how you can send money from abroad to Indonesia. For business needs, you can use Easylink for Business.

If you're facing this issue, congratulations! You've come to the right article to learn how to transfer money from abroad to Indonesia.

Information Needed to Receive Money from Abroad

First, let's discuss the requirements for receiving money from abroad.

If you are in this situation, or if your relatives in Indonesia want to receive money from you abroad,

there is some information needed for the recipient in Indonesia:

  •   Full name and address
  •   The amount to be sent or received
  •   Name and address of the recipient's bank
  •   Recipient's bank account number and type
  •   Recipient's bank routing number
  •   SWIFT code or BIC of the recipient's bank (if necessary)
  •   Transfer reference

Every money transfer transaction may have its own fees, whether borne by the sender or the recipient.

Taxes on Receiving Money from Abroad

For those who have relatives in Indonesia and wish to receive money from abroad, you should inform them that there are fees associated with receiving money from abroad.

These fees may include transaction fees that banks or financial services may charge, currency conversion fees if the transfer is done in a currency other than the US dollar, and other fees that may arise during the transfer process. Fees can range from IDR 50,000 to IDR 150,000.

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Currently, there are international money transfer services that allow both senders and recipients to make transactions without additional charges.

Therefore, it's essential to investigate and compare available international transfer services to ensure you choose the most advantageous one for you.

Maximum Transfer Limit from Abroad to Indonesia

Every remittance service has limits for receiving and sending money from abroad to Indonesia.

It's important to note that the maximum transfer limits for each country differ. However, Indonesia itself has imposed limits.

The maximum foreign exchange transaction limit is IDR 100 million per month per customer. If the transaction amount exceeds this limit, the customer is required to provide supporting documents as required.

This is to ensure compliance with regulations and policies governing international financial transactions.

How to Send Money from Abroad to Indonesia

Now that you understand how to receive money from abroad and the policies that apply to senders, let's dive into how you can send money from abroad to Indonesia.

Until now, remittances in Indonesia have been diverse. You can even search for them yourself, and there are plenty of options. But remember to choose licensed and official channels.

Some money transfer services to or from abroad that are official include:

Western Union

Western Union is a secure platform widely available for various types of transfers. Currently, Western Union can perform remittances in 200 countries and at 500,000 locations.

One of its advantages is the speed of transfer, which can be on the same day for cash transfers and up to a week for bank transfers.

The maximum sending limit depends on the recipient's country. Here's how you can send money with Western Union:

  •   Register for a Western Union account by adding personal details or log in if you already have an account.
  •   Select "Send Money" and add the destination, transfer amount, and currency.
  •   Choose how the money will be received – as an example, cash pickup, or via a bank account.
  •   Choose the payment method – typically by credit or debit card, bank transfer, or cash at a Western Union location.
  •   Review the transfer summary and send it.
  •   Complete the payment, and your money will be processed instantly!


PayPal is a commonly used and user-friendly platform for peer-to-peer lending.

It's available in 200 countries, including Indonesia, and for transfer speed, funds can be received on the same day!

Using PayPal to send money abroad has transaction limits ranging from $60,000 to $10,000 for certain locations. Here's how you can send money using PayPal:

  1.     Sign up for a PayPal account through the PayPal app or desktop website.
  2.     If required, complete the requested verification steps.
  3.     Select the "Send Money" option.
  4.     Enter the amount you want to send in Indonesian Rupiah.
  5.     Add the recipient's email address or phone number.
  6.     Confirm your payment method from the options available in your PayPal account.
  7.     Check all details carefully, and your money will be processed instantly!


Wise is a low-cost and fee-transparent solution for transferring money from abroad to Indonesia without markup fees.

Unfortunately, not all countries can access Wise's services. Indonesia can, but it depends on your current country of residence whether Wise services are available.

Transfer speed ranges from instant for credit/debit cards to up to a week for bank transfers. Wise's transaction limits are $250,000 per transaction and $1 million per year. Here's how to transfer with Wise:

  1.     Register on the Wise app or Wise desktop website.
  2.     Complete the verification steps. After your account is verified, you're ready to send your first transfer.
  3.     Choose "Send" on the app or "Send Money" on the desktop website.
  4.     Enter the amount you want to send and confirm the payment method.
  5.     Add your personal details and the recipient's details, which can be a bank account, digital wallet account, or email address.
  6.     Confirm your payment method and add a message for the recipient.
  7.     Complete the payment, and your money will be processed instantly!

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Next, you can use MoneyGram. This remittance service offers easy cash transfers with low upfront fees.

It is available in 200 countries and 380,000 locations. You can make same-day transfers from abroad to Indonesia in many cases.

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Unfortunately, the transfer limit is limited to $10,000 per transaction. However, with its transfer speed and lightweight requirements, it can be the best option for certain needs. Here's how you can send money to Indonesia:

  •   Provide detailed information to the sender, including your full legal name, the bank's full name, bank account number, and country of residence.
  •   On moneygram.com, the sender selects "Savings Account" as the receiving option and enters the amount to be sent.
  •   The sender proceeds with the payment. Exchange rates and fees are displayed on the screen.
  •   The sender provides information for identity verification.
  •   The sender reviews all information and sends it!


If you don't want to go through the hassle, you can use a bank. Here, banks refer to banks that provide remittance services, regardless of their type, including national and private banks.

Remittance services allow users to transfer money from one location to another across the network of partner banks, providing greater convenience and accessibility to customers.

Thus, you can easily send and receive funds regardless of the type of bank you use.

Banks worldwide typically coordinate international transfers using the SWIFT network.

In this situation, payment is sent from the sending bank to the receiving bank through one or more partner banks known as intermediary or correspondent banks.

This process often takes 3-5 days. This method may also incur additional fees as intermediary banks may charge for their services during the process.


Who would have thought that the DANA app could also be used to transfer money from abroad to Indonesia? Although its services are limited to a few countries, it's still a viable option for some people.

Here's how you can transfer money from abroad to Indonesia using DANA:

  1.     Visit the nearest DANA partner outlet.
  2.     Enter the recipient's phone number, the amount you want to send, and the recipient's name as stated on their ID card and the recipient's ID number.
  3.     At the outlet, the information will be entered for sending money to Indonesia, including details such as the sender's information (including name and payment method), recipient information, destination number, and the amount sent.

For those curious about how to transfer money from abroad to Indonesia using DANA, you can click here!


If you are a BCA bank customer, you can use it for your remittances. It's known as Foreign Exchange (Forex) remittances. 

If you've registered for forex transfers, you can directly send money to Indonesia using the following steps:

  1.     Log in to your KlikBCA account.
  2.     Select the "Transfer Funds" menu.
  3.     Choose "Transfer Forex to Other Bank Account" and fill in the transfer information.
  4.     Enter the KeyBCA Appli 2 response and click "Continue."
  5.     Review the transfer details.
  6.     Enter the KeyBCA Appli 1 response, check the terms and conditions box, and click "Send" if everything is correct.
  7.     The transaction is successful, and you can print or save the transaction receipt.

As of now, KlikBCA can handle forex transfers in 14 foreign currencies, including AUD, CAD, CHF, CNY, DKK, EUR, GBP, HKD, JPY, NZD, SAR, SEK, SGD, USD, with competitive fees.


You can also transfer from abroad to Mandiri. There are two types of product options for receiving money that you can use. What are they?

  1.     Incoming Transfer (ITR)

This banking service is specifically designed for receiving funds from abroad. You can benefit from the security of receiving your money.

  1.     Outgoing Transfer (OTR)

This service allows you to send money in 125 foreign currencies. It will be credited directly to the recipient's Mandiri account. The sender only needs to visit a Mandiri partner abroad to transfer funds to the recipient's account in Indonesia.


Lastly, you can use BRI Bank to send money to Indonesia from abroad. The process is quite straightforward; you need to visit a BRI Bank or Remittance Company outlet and fill out a money transfer form with the following data:

  •   Full name of the recipient
  •   Address of the recipient
  •   Destination account number (if it is for an account)

Tips for Safe Money Transfers from Abroad

There are many ways to make safe money transfers from abroad. One tip is to choose a secure remittance service like Easylink.

send money abroad fast, online, cheap, and available in more than 170 countries, you can use this as a safe tip for transferring money from abroad to Indonesia.

You can visit the Easylink website and register here. Enjoy the ease of use and support from customer service to ensure your money transfer goes smoothly.


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