Transfer of Funds

The length of the transaction process at Easylink varies based on the destination currency, with estimates being in minutes or on the same day.

Biaya admin bervariasi berdasarkan negara tujuan, silahkan hubungi customer service kami untuk informasi lebih lanjut di nomor kami +6281188813889 . Biaya admin juga dapat dilihat langsung pada website Easylink, pada menu "pengiriman uang"

Transaction fees/admin fees are borne by the sender and paid at the time of transaction.

Transaction tracking can be done by accessing the "report" menu on your Easylink account. Failed transactions will be informed on this menu.

Untuk Negara China

If using Bank Account, for China, there are several things you need to know, namely:

  • Recipients must have a PRC (People's Republic of China) identity card and a China UnionPay debit card. Limit per transaction is under USD 3,000. Limited to 2 transactions per recipient per day, with an annual limit of USD 50,000 per SAFE regulations.
  • Kami sarankan Anda memberitahu penerima bahwa jika mereka belum pernah menerima pengiriman internasional sebelumnya, mintalah mereka untuk menyelesaikan proses verifikasi terlebih dahulu sebelum Anda mengirim uang ke penerima. Penerima hanya perlu melakukan proses verifikasi sekali (jika penerima selalu menggunakan kartu bank yang sama untuk menerima pengiriman, jika tidak, penerima perlu melakukan verifikasi kembali). Silakan pindai kode QR di bawah ini atau klik link 【verifikasi KYC】 untuk verifikasi KYC (Know Your Customer).china-bank-qr-code
  • If the recipient chooses to register an account after the transaction instructions have been created, the recipient will receive an SMS from China UnionPay with the registration link provided.
  • *The account registration link sent via SMS will expire within 72 hours from the time it is received by the recipient. If the recipient does not verify within 72 hours, the transaction will be canceled, and the money will be refunded.

Additional Information

  • We recommend using a Type I debit card to avoid additional restrictions imposed by the issuing bank for Type II debit cards. The limits for Type II debit cards are RMB 10,000 per day and RMB 200,000 per year and may be subject to reversal.
  • If the national ID card/recipient expires, the transaction will be held by the bank, and the money cannot be refunded. The transaction will be processed again after the ID card/bank is updated.
  • Due to strict compliance policies in China, some accounts may be frozen either by the bank or the police if issues are detected. If additional information is required for your transfer transaction, we will notify you via email. Please provide the required information promptly. If you have any questions, please contact customer service.

If using Alipay, what you need to know is:

  • Only for Chinese citizens, and users are required to register their Alipay wallet with a valid phone number or email address.
  • The recipient must have a valid UnionPay debit card (Type I recommended) in China and successfully link their bank card to their Alipay wallet.
  • Choose the associated card: The recipient must select the bank card associated with their Alipay wallet to receive the transfer within 72 hours after receiving the initial delivery notification. Subsequent deliveries will be sent to the default card selected.
  • To change the recipient card: if the currently linked card is experiencing issues or the bank account linked to that card has problems, the recipient will have up to 72 hours to change to another bank card to receive the delivery after receiving the notification in the app. The recipient has unlimited chances to change the card. Please go to the Alipay wallet homepage and click "闪速收款" > "去设置," then select the card you want to use to receive the delivery.
  • Ensure the transaction's purpose and the relationship between the sender and recipient are relevant.
  • Minimum recipient data required:
    • Chinese name in pinyin (Latin letters), registered UnionPay debit card name.
    • Valid Alipay wallet ID: (either email address or phone number used to register the wallet).
    • CN number format: local phone number.
    • International phone number format: country code-local number.
  • Please submit any supporting documents as required by Chinese regulations and policies if Alipay requests them, such as invoices, agreements, marriage/family certificates, etc.
  • The recipient will receive SMS notifications and voice calls from Alipay after receiving the delivery.
  • The recipient must choose a bank card (Type I recommended) to receive funds within 72 hours after receiving the initial delivery notification.

Additional Information

  • Family expenses/sending to oneself: up to 50,000 CNY per transaction, maximum of 5 transactions per 30-day period.
  • Purchase of goods payment: up to 50,000 CNY per transaction, maximum of 50,000 USD per year.
  • Service payment: up to 50,000 CNY per transaction, maximum of 50,000 USD per year.
  • The daily limit you can transfer is 20,000 CNY per recipient, and the annual limit you can transfer is 50,000 USD per recipient.
  • However, please note that each Alipay user has different transaction limits. Make sure the recipient's Alipay account has sufficient capacity to receive the money.

Untuk Negara Korea

  • KYC (Know Your Customer) is required for single transfers ≥ KRW 1.000.000.
  • The KYC link will be sent directly to the recipient via SMS, and the recipient needs to choose one of the ID types (Korean ID card / SIM card / Alien Registration Card) or passport, and upload the required documents and wait for verification to be completed.
  • Passports will be automatically verified in real-time. Other IDs may require manual verification.
  • The KYC link is valid for 5 days. The transfer will expire (be canceled) after this period.
  • Notification via SMS: If the KYC process fails (issues with the quality of the ID card image/upload).
  • The maximum annual receipt limit is KRW 50.000.000.

Ongoing transactions cannot be changed or canceled.

Pengguna Easylink akan mendapatkan email sesuai dengan status transfer terupdate seperti informasi transfer akan dilakukan hingga transfer sudah berhasil di terima. Anda bisa lihat artikel berikut untuk cara menerima transfer uang dari luar negeri.

The required documents are those containing transaction destination information, such as invoices, approval letters, contracts, etc.

Easylink memiliki layanan pengiriman dana personal ke personal dan pengiriman bisnis ke bisnis menggunakan Easylink for Business.