What are Branch Codes? How to Find and Complete List

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This time, we will uncover the secrets behind the Branch Code, an aspect that is often overlooked but crucial in the world of banking.

What exactly is the Branch Code , and why is it important for you? We will discuss important facts about the Branch Code that you may not know yet. Let's take a look here. Branch Code yang mungkin belum banyak kalian ketahui. Mari kita simak berikut disini.

What Is a Branch Code

So, Branch Code is also known as a branch code, which contains a series of numbers or number combinations used by financial institutions, such as banks, to identify specific branches or physical locations where bank accounts are opened. Each bank branch has a unique Branch Code that distinguishes it from other branches. Branch Code unik yang membedakan dari cabang lainnya.

The use of Branch Code is essential in various financial transactions, especially fund transfers and payment processing.

This code helps ensure that transactions are correctly routed to the right branch, so funds can reach the intended account accurately and on time. 

Additionally, the Branch Code can also provide additional information about the location or types of services available at a bank branch.

Example of a Branch Code

An example of using a Branch Code is, for instance, imagine you open an account at the BNI Branch in Otista, Subang. Now, every bank branch has a specific identifier, such as a clearing code.

For example, BNI has a clearing code of 0099039. "009" is the overall BNI bank code, and the last 4 digits, "9039," are the specific branch code, like a unique address for the Otista, Subang branch. When you're asked to enter the Branch Code on Payoneer, these are the numbers referred to. 

How to Find the Branch Code

Finding the Branch Code isn't as difficult as you might think! When you open an account at a bank, check your savings book or ATM card.

Usually, Branch Code will be printed there. If not, visit the bank's website or contact customer service. They will be happy to help you find the correct branch code. 

Don't worry, finding the Branch Code is easier than you imagine!

Is the Branch Code the Same as the Account Number?

The answer to the above question is no, the tidak, Branch Code is not the same as the account number. The Branch code is a code that identifies a specific branch or office of a bank in a particular location. Meanwhile, the account number is a unique combination of numbers that distinguishes one account from another within the same bank.

Branch code is an important element when conducting financial transactions, especially fund transfers or other transactions involving a specific bank branch. 

Branch code can also help you to ensure that funds are transferred to the right branch. So, although both are related to financial transactions, however Branch Code and account number are two different things.

Difference Between Branch Code and Swift Code

So, what is the difference between Branch Code and Swift Code ? Branch code is also known as a branch code. This code is a unique identifier for bank branches in different regions.

On the other hand, the Swift Code is a global access key. It can be described as an electronic passport for your money, allowing transactions at the international level. Swift Code acts as a bridge between banks in different countries. 

List of Branch Codes for All Banks in Indonesia

To simplify banking transactions in Indonesia, knowing the Branch Code or bank branch code is important. Here is a list of Branch Code for various well-known banks in Indonesia that you can use for your banking needs:

  • BCA
  • BRI
  • Mandiri
  • Bank Jago
  • BTPN Jenius
  • CIMB Niaga
  • Bank Syariah Indonesia (BSI)
  • Bank DBS Indonesia
  • BNI
  • Maybank Indonesia

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