Importer: Definition, Types, Examples, and Requirements

pengertian importir

The role of importers in the global economy cannot be overlooked. They are the main drivers in bringing products from various parts of the world into domestic markets, providing consumers access to goods from abroad, and supporting the growth of industries and trade within a country.

This article will discuss the definition of importers, types of importers, the requirements needed to become an importer, various types of commodities that can be imported, and provide examples of successful importers.

Definition of Importer

Importer is an individual or business entity engaged in import activities, which involve purchasing goods or commodities from abroad for sale or use domestically. 

Importer Responsible for all processes involved in bringing imported goods into the country, including compliance with import regulations, payment of customs duties, as well as distribution and sales of imported products.

Types of Importers

Importers have several types, including the following:

  • Official Importer: An importer who is registered and legally recognized by the government, and they must comply with all applicable requirements and regulations.
  • Beginner Importer: An individual or business that is new to import activities and may not have sufficient experience.
  • Unofficial Importer: An individual or business that engages in imports without meeting the applicable requirements and regulations, often through illegal channels.

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Requirements to Become an Importer

There are several requirements that must be met by companies or individuals who wish to engage in import activities.

  • For individuals wishing to become importers, it is important to have a valid company status. Additionally, they must provide complete documents such as the company's Articles of Association, Trading Business License (SIUP), Taxpayer Identification Number (NPWP), company domicile certificate, company registration letter, and other required foundational documents as per company regulations.
  • If an institution or company wishes to register as an importer, they must possess an Importer Identification Number (API) accompanied by a valid registration number issued by the Department of Trade or Ministry of Trade.
  • As an importer, having a Customs Identification Number (NIK) and a registration number obtained after successfully registering with Customs is a requirement.
  • Importers must also prepare relevant API documents, whether for general importers or manufacturers with factory facilities.

Types of Commodities

Importers can import various types of commodities, including consumer goods, industrial raw materials, equipment, technology, clothing, food, and many more. The types of commodities imported depend on the importer's business needs and objectives.

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Contoh Importir

Contoh-contoh importir meliputi perusahaan-perusahaan besar yang mengimpor barang-barang elektronik, mobil, pakaian, atau makanan. Namun, ada juga importir kecil yang bisa menjadi pemilik toko atau individu yang mengimpor barang-barang khusus.

How do Importers Make Payments?

Payments in the import process can be made in various ways, including:

  • L/C (Letter of Credit): Payment is made through a bank with a letter of credit that guarantees payment to the exporter after the goods reach the destination and certain conditions are met.
  • T/T (Telegraphic Transfer): Direct electronic payment from the importer's account to the exporter's account.
  • D/P (Documents against Payment): Payment is made after the importer receives documents validating the shipment, such as an invoice, bill of lading, or other documents.

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